2014 Bikes, What to Look Out For?

by admin on September 19, 2013

You love cycling but you hate your bike. Or, you love your bike, but are looking for a new one to incorporate into your regular cycling routine. Whatever category you fall into, the new 2014 bikes are going to be awesome. We’ve compiled some of the facts about next year’s bikes. You’ll be lining up to test ride one, we’re sure of it!


1. EVO: This is Cannondale’s flagship model and the SuperSix Evo is a lot more affordable at approximately £1,699, with both men’s and women’s models available. It looks awesome and the new features include a revised frame design with external cable routing, which reduces the build time. The other new and exciting difference is that they have added a Synapse Disc, which shows Cannondale’s interest in disc-equipped road bikes. This bike will give you the same tube shapes are more expensive bikes and comes in either a plain black version or a team edition, which is the same as the EVO 15 but has a lighter, easier to carry carbon fiber frame. The team edition has a slightly different routing system too.

A Cannondale bike


The 2014 bikes here are simplified, sleek, and fast. There are three categories of bikes (15 models total) in the 2014 line that are being featured – urban, all-terrain, and road bikes, view these on the Zeevon website:

1. COOKER: The all-terrain range is ready for any adventure with its versatility and capability for rugged landscape.

2. PLUG: The road and drop bar range that is simple, contemporary, and fast!

3. GRATER: The urban range that is comfortable and functional, as well as extremely lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

These bikes will be available for ordering and test riding in late October and pricing information should be available then as well.

A Charge bike

So how do you know which 2014 bike is right for you?

First of all, do your research. Once the bikes are all out and available for viewing, look at them, ride them, and talk to a cycling professional about what your needs are when it comes to riding. The bikes may look and sound like what you need online, but nothing can replace actually seeing it and sitting on it in person.

Next, know your budget. If you’re looking for an inexpensive cruiser, you should probably look somewhere else. Some of these new models of bikes can be very costly and are usually for serious cyclists that ride or race often. Set a budget that you can comfortably work with and stick to it. There is usually no need to overspend – finding a quality Cannondale or Charge bike in your price range is doable. Search various websites and stores in your area to compare prices and see what exactly is out there and then set up a spreadsheet to compare features for the price. This is a helpful way to narrow down your top one or two models.

And last, get excited! Cycling is a great way to get in shape and see the beautiful surroundings of the neighbourhood, city, or countryside of the space you live near. Start looking around for cycling groups or clubs that you can join to find other people that are interested in cycling as much as you – you might find some new riding partners that know the ropes and the areas a little better than you do. This could be an exciting way to meet new people while getting active and fit!

Image Credits: Richard Masoner and Andy_Carter

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